About Hope for the Fatherless

About Us

Hope for the Fatherless is an organization that focuses on giving intensive love, care and high quality educational opportunities to orphan and vulnerable children, between the ages six and ten. This vision was primarily conceived after observing the living conditions of needy children who live in destitution or orphanages, and recognizing their learning abilities. It is believed that if today’s children are well educated, trained, and mentored in every aspect of life, they will become a generation of tomorrow’s great citizens and be competent leaders on local and global levels.

Each year approximately ten to twenty children are admitted to the three year Life Training Center and Group Homes of Hope for the Fatherless. All of these children have lost or been abandoned by one or both of their biological parents, yet in the Group Homes they experience the bond of family. In this program we implement the strategy B.E.L.A.Y – Build, Equip, Lead, Assist and Yield. Through these five steps we see the children’s lives filled with new hope and joy. They are build strong; equipped for the future; lead to be leaders; assisted to find their purpose in life; and finally yielded to live in loving families. We believe their lives are transformed and given bright new futures because of the transforming power found in Jesus Christ.


    To cultivate a culture that cares for the fatherless.
    Repair the despair of orphaned and vulnerable children in Ethiopia.

About Belay

Belay T. Gebru has been striving for excellent orphan ministry in the past several years. He serves in his current ministry role as founder and managing director of Hope for the Fatherless. In the past he served as the Child advocate for sponsorship with Compassion International; a trainer and life coach for orphan children with the ministry of His Little Feet; and also is the country's representative for Orphan Sunday in Ethiopia.

Belay is passionate to speak up for those who can't speak for themselves, and so mobilizing the body of Christ to defend the cause of the fatherless.
Belay T. Gebru

meet the Board of Directors

Ahadu Gebreamlak, Management and Leadership Development Consultant, Center for African Leadership Development PLC. Managing Director
Samuel ZegeyeLawyer/Consultant, co-founder of Entoto Beth Artisan
Dinsery BirhanuPsychologist and Child Advocate
Sebilu Bodja Director of Africa Operations, Bethany Christian Services Global
Bezabih T. JaleniFounder and Senior Pastor Metropolitan Tabernacle Ethiopia

HFTF Ethiopia Team