1st year: Basic Training - Building Strong Structure

This is a time in which orphan and vulnerable children are taken into the program and given basic training in education, music, art, culture and good moral character formation. It is evident that the children admitted to Hope for the Fatherless home and Life Training Center – LTC, came from various circumstances and families with different backgrounds. Some children might have already experienced some sort of abuse, neglect or trauma. Thus, their first year in the home is a time of building their lives strong by providing structure and education in physical, mental, social and spiritual aspects of life, with an emphasis on building trust with the children. This structure helps to advance the healing process of each individual child.

2nd year: Advance Training

In collaboration with our partner organizations, we consider a one-year scholarship program for those children who performed acceptably in their academic school year and those who improved in their development and character. This is a year in which the children are equipped with new skills and given strong leadership. While the selected children are abroad, they will participate in the His Little Feet Life Training Academy. The children will receive tutoring and training in:

Academics (English, Mathematics, Language Arts and Physical Education)
Performing Arts (Music, Choreography and Drama)
Life Skills (Leadership Development, Team Building and Social Skills)

3rd year: Family Life - Final year of Training

This is the final year of training in the Group Homes.  We believe that by this time the children are ready to be transferred into safe and a loving family homes.  During this year the focus is on assisting the children to increase in their performance in both academic achievements and character formation.  This is also the year in which we are preparing and yielding the children for lifelong living both relationally and vocationally.  They will either be placed in a kinship program; adoptive family; foster family or join our Forever Home at HFTF.

4th Year – Forever Home

At this stage, children that have not been unified in the kinship program, foster-care program, or adoption program, will be placed in the Forever Home. Each child in the Forever Home will have individual sponsors to support the furtherance of their school education and training. The Forever Home will be managed by a married couple who will oversee the children’s growth and encourage educational achievements. Living in the Forever Home will be like a family set-up, with a maximum of six children. This way the children get a chance to experience a normal family set up.

We believe it is important to provide disadvantaged older children with hope for a brighter future.


They will receive valuable experiences, encouragement, as well as training to develop a greater confidence
in that they can one day make a difference in their communities and country.