Children’s Home

Our Children's Home

The vision for our Group Homes is to create safe, loving and peaceful environments for our children to grow in. Each child that we receive is a gift from God to us, and though they come from troubled backgrounds, in the Group Homes they experience the love and care that they have lacked for so many years of their short lives. Living in these smaller family like set-ups, rather than orphanages, enhance their growth and healing, and also increase their learning abilities. As the children live in our homes, we see significant changes taking place in their lives – from sadness to joy; insecurity to confidence; brokenness to healing; and hopelessness to hope. These children deserve the best that we can give to them, and that is what we desire to impart in Jesus name.

Hope for the Fatherless started its first Group Home in December of 2016, with five staff members well trained and ready to receive children into our Home. On March 13th, 2017 the first nine children arrived. It was a joyous and great day to remember in the history of HFTF.

Meet the Staff

Mintamir YimerAccountant
Eyerusalem TegenuSecretary
Gerda AartsmaVolunteer
Yenitu GenetCaregiver

Meet the children