We love having visitors come to our HFTF Home and experience first-hand the work God has called us to here in Ethiopia.  Visiting our children and staff may be a life changing experience for you, and help you gain a greater passion for the care of orphans and vulnerable children all over the world.  Whether you come alone or as a team, please find below some additional information.  Please e-mail us at, if you would like to visit. 


VISAS - You will be able to obtain a visa upon arrival here in Ethiopia.  It is $50-70 per person, and fairly easy to get.  If it is less expensive to arrange your visa in your home country, prior to your visit, you can also choose that option.  Additional information is on the website of the Ethiopian embassy in USA - (  We will send you an Invitation Letter from HFTF (by e-mail) to help with the visa and immigration process.

ACCOMODATIONS - There are a few Guest Houses in the area where you will be able to stay.  Usually the prices range between $30-40 per night – Including: Breakfast; Wi-fi; and a Kitchen to cook meals.

MEALS – Breakfast is served at the Guest House, and lunch will be provided for you here at HFTF home.  If you’d like, the Guest house has a small kitchen with a fridge and stove where you can prepare food in the evenings.  You can also bring some food from USA which you know you’d like to eat.  You can purchase fruit, vegetables, and other items fairly inexpensively at shops in the area.  There are a couple of nice Restaurants in town that you could also visit in the evenings.  Prices for Ethiopian restaurant food ranges from $4-$5, and for American food from $7-$10 per meal.

WATER - It is not advised to drink the tap water in Ethiopia, but you can buy bottled water anywhere in the shops around here.  The price is usually $0.25 for one liter.

MEDICINE & IMMUNIZATIONS - Please bring any medication that you might need on your trip.  For e.g.: Pain medicine; Diarrhea/nausea medicine; or for any Allergies you might have.  There are no malaria mosquitoes in Addis Ababa, so there is no need for malaria medicine.  Cosult the Department of State Travel website, and your doctor regarding recommended immunizations and precautions.  Some optional vaccinations include:  Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Meningitis, and Tetanus. 

CLOTHING - The weather is usually very mild, with degrees between 18-25 C.  At night it cools down to around 10 C.  It is advised to bring some layers for the early mornings and evenings.  During daytime a T-shirt would be sufficient.  Also there might be some rain, so please bring an umbrella.  It is also advised to bring closed shoes for during the day, but also please bring your flip-flops for inside your Guest House.

TRANSPORTATION - There are a few options:  renting a private van; hiring a taxi; or using public transportation.  The cost to rent a van is around $40-50 per day; hiring a taxi about $20; or public transport about $5 (but not recommended).  You may also walk the distance from your Guest House to the HFTF home.


Here at HFTF we always have some projects going on.  Here is a short list of maintenance projects that you can help with:

  • Painting walls
  • Assembling bunk beds
  • Gardening

For these projects, we ask that you raise the needed support to purchase the required items to complete the project.  If you have ideas for other projects of your interest, please let us know, and we will do our best to implement it.  We also have a 'wish list' for your consideration.  you may email us at, and we'll send you our most up-to-date list.

You could also join in the Children’s program at HFTF Home, and assist in any part of the day.  If there are specific activities that you’d like to do, please let us know and we will consider adding it to the week's program - for e.g.  creative activities; puppet show; short VBS program; taking the kids on an outing; or a special skill you’d like to teach them - for e.g. sowing, wood work, dancing, or any sport.  Whichever gifting you have, feel free to impart it to the kids here!  For these programs we would like to ask you to please bring any needed materials from USA, since it would be harder to find it here.


Ethiopia has some of the richest culture and history that you may ever see.  You can see everything from tribes in the Omo Valley to an active volcano in the Afar region to the 2,000 year old Stelae of Axum to the 12th Century rock hewn churches of Lalibela to the castles of the 16th century in Gonder to the 14th century monasteries on Lake Tana near Bahir Dar.  And, since Addis Ababa is a city of 5.5 million, there are a number of historical things to take in here in the city, especially some of the beautiful Ethiopian Orthodox churches.

If you would like to go on a short one-to-two day excursion trip to see more of Ethiopia, we would love to help you in those arrangements too.  Let us know if this is something you are interested in.


We can always use physical donations and supplies for the care of our Group Home children.  Would you consider to bring some supplies for HFTF while traveling to Ethiopia, maybe one or two suitcases worth?  Please let us know if you will have the room - then we will arrange for suitcases.  If you desire to donate towards these supplies, you are more than welcome.  You may email us at, and we email you the most current Needs List.